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Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Systems Design and Installation

What are MEP Systems?

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MEP stands for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing

Once you have a roof over your head the most important thing in your home is the provision of the services we consider essential for modern living. We need clean water for washing, sewerage systems for toilets and waste water and we need elecricty to provide light, television, hot water and to power all those many pieces of equipment that make life more pleasant and interesting.

We might also need a gas system for cooking and heating water, drainage systems for carry storm water away and perhaps a grey water sysytem for recycling used water from your shower and washing machine.

These days some people also require solar systems for heating water or generating electricity.

These systems are known as MEP systems (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) and Wilson and Associates offer a comprehensive design, inspection and work supervision service to ensure that systems are correctly designed and installed.

Indonesian National Standards or SNI

To make sure these systems are both safe and reliable it is important that they are correctly designed and installed. In Indonesia there are a series of national standards, many based on European standards, that set the rules by which these systems should be installed.

The electrical standard known, as PUIL 2000, is based on the european standard and is legally binding in that, to protect public safety all electrical installations throughout Inodonesia shoud comply with the standrard. Unfortunately in Indonesia many of the contractors and workers that devise and install these systems are not technically minded and do not follow or are unaware of the standards that exist.

Incorrect installation of plumbing systems can lead to serious damage to a property, incorrect electrical and gas installation is more serious and can lead to fatal situations of electrocution, house fires, gassing and explosions. Understandably insurance companies may be unwilling to pay out a claim where damage has been caused by substandard electrical or gas systems.

MEP design and construction drawings

When a building is being designed the documentation should include drawings for the electrical supply system, lighting layout and power socket layout, they should also include drawings for the water supply (taps, shower and toilets flush), black water (sewerage system) and grey water (dirty water from washing). Drawings will also include air conditioning systems and ceiling fans.

These MEP design drawings combine with the architectural and structural design drawings to form the building construction documentation.

Electricans and plumbers

Installation can be a hit and miss affair in Indonesia. This is fully understandable for two reasons:

  1. There are no established training courses for electricans, plumbers and gasfitters
  2. With a huge demand for building work many unqualified people are calling themselves electrians and plumbers and are carrying out electrical and plumbing installation work without any qualification or specialised knowledge required to carry out the work.