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Power Management and Electrical Audits

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It is very common for properties in Bali to suffer from three problems with their electrical supplies.

1 High power usage which causes circuits to cut out.

2 Excessive power bills.

3 Unsafe electrical circuits due to poor installation.

Power Management Planning

High power usage is a result of the use of high demand electrical equipment which is often used far more than is required.

As equipment is turned on and off there are times when too many items are running concurrently and as a result there are 'peaks' in the power usage. It is these peaks that cause electrical circuits to overload and cut out.

By managing power usage we are able to reduce the amount of power being used and avoid peaks in the demand.

Wilson and Associates offer the service of preparing power management plans for properties. With substantial savings being made these plans often pay for themselves very quickly.

Electrical Safety Inspection and Rectification

Unsafe electrical circuits are obviously a very serious issue and electrocution is not uncommon here. Very often the most basic electrical protection, effective grounding, is either poor or very often not installed at all. Grounding is essential to ensure that if the body of equipment such as computers or refrigerators becomes live the circuit breakers will do their job and cut our the faulty circuit.

Poor standard of wiring, low quality materials and equipment and a common practice of installing oversized circuit breakers all combine to make electrical circuits hazardous.

The vast majority of property electrical supply in Bali suffers from 2hortage of electricity is a perenial problem in Bali with the national electricity supplier PLN struggling to keep up with the rapidly increasing demand for power on the island.

The price of electricity is also increasing rapidly and these days it is not uncommon for individual properties to be receiving electricity bills of over Rp10,000,000 (US$1,100) per month.

For your own safety have your electrical circuits checked regularly!

Dangerous electrical wiring

Electrical Installations can cause three significant problems in Bali:

  1. A danger of fire or electrocution from bady installed or damaged circuits.
  2. High electricity bills from poorly planned or wasteful systems.
  3. Regular circuit cutout due to overloading of circuits.

There are a number of strategies that can be used to address these problems. An electrical audit can provide the vital information you need to identify problems and reduce your electricity bills and power outages while keeping you alive.

Wilson and Associates carry out electrical audits and make recommendations to address these issues.

Benefits you may expect from carrying out an electrical audit are:

  • Identification of causes of heavy use of power.
  • Assessment of standard of installtion and potential danger from fire or electrocution.
  • Detection of power theft from your supply.
  • Identification of reasons why you power may be cutting out.
  • Circuit balancing in 3 phase systems to improve you power reliability.