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Quantity Surveying

What is Quantity Surveying?

quantity surveying

Quantity surveying is one of the most important aspects of managing any construction project. It provides a way of defining the cost of a project before it commences and of monitoring expenses as the project proceeds.

The Quantity Surveyor prepares the Bill of Quantities (BOQ) a detailed costing of every item required to complete the project both materials and labour costs. The Bill of Quantities is used for a number of purposes.

Firstly it defines exactly what will be provided in the project and becomes part of the contract documentation.

Secondly it provides an objective and independant statement of what the costs of a project should be. This is used to compare with quotations submitted by construction contractors who tender to constrcut the project. Contractors proposals can be examined to make sure that everything is included and that pricing by the contractor is neither too great nor too small.

Thirdly the Bill of Quantities is used to track progress as the project proceeds and to determine progress payments that will be due to the contractor.

In the final completion of the project the Bill of Quantities provides a definition of the project which is used by inspectors to ensure that the project has been completed according to the agreed contract.

The Bill of Quantities also provides a clear statement of the cost of construction that can be used for valuation and insurance purposes.

Quantity Surveying provides you with protection

Each of these purposes provides ways of protecting the interests of the client for whom the project is being built all the way through the construction process.

To achieve its purpose it is important that the Bill of Quantities is prepared objectively and free of the vested interests of people involved in the construction process.

Wilson and Associates offer comprehensive Quantity Surveying services to provide the necessary checks and balances required to manage a building project.